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Literal Approach

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Expressions Through Literal Observations -My Literal Approach


The aesthetic pursued within this body of work reaches far beyond that of mere likeness. The fact is, the expressions exhibited in this gallery reflect my attempts to express through those qualities of our humanity that perform in response to our emotional and intuitive facilities. Where facilities such as these get to convey those influences that affect the functional value of our creative problem-solving mind and its attempt to relate to the various natural phenomena that reveal the essence our never ending and ever-fluid field of ever changing form by means of identifiable subject matter. In this regard, I draw upon the intuitive approach to creativity that I convey in my artist statements and personal note to investigate reality; via the various natural phenomena one can use to express the intangible through the use of the tangible that appears obvious to our five obvious senses. This is the approach creativity that stems from my fascination with the academic institution of higher knowledge through greater understanding, as a means to investigate and demonstrate mankind’s unique ability to fully embrace the intuitive mental state that allows us to both illustrate and express and thus fully relate to reality via the various phenomena found throughout our our various natural environments.

For the viewer, what I wish to provide are opportunities for everyone to identify with the profound side of reality through identifying with the human sentiments we all possess that surmount to the emotional facility we all share and can use to reveal the less obvious side of reality. To accomplish this, I like to turn to the biomechanics of our human anatomy, whereby the performance value of musculature can be used to express our various levels of human observation and states of human awareness. Here I am provided with the playground I desire for romanticizing my appreciation for life, inspire and reveal thoughts of… and hints regarding our ultimate human potential. Whereby I find myself using these means to both challenge and celebrate our various responses to reality, while exploring the nature of its depths. This is one way in which creativity contributes to both my creative and personal growth.

Furthermore, by exaggerating such identifiable forms and utilizing other forms of contrast, such means of exaggeration provide me with the ability to romanticize my subjects as a means to express whatever arrives throughout my highly intuitive approach to the creative process. To play on this rather mannerist genre, I not only enjoy over exaggerating forms, but often understate them in order to augment my need for contrast by playing on them both in a manner that pits simple against complex, much in the same way I use oppositional shapes, forms, and marks against transitional ones –or light values against darks, and when the medium permits it, warm colors against cool colors to gain such dramatic effects.

With regard to color, I find it liberating to push them almost arbitrarily to achieve the same dramatic effect, often juxtaposing them for the sake of expressing certain emotional qualities when and if I need them creatively. Like when I pit warm colors against cool colors.

As for marks and other forms of creative gestures, most of the time, I insist upon celebrating them openly for their ability to further express the emotional state of the subject that comes to serve as a part of the expression, and the potential to reveal the artist’s level of confidence and competency. But yet I often find myself masking them so that I may also use the to invoke some dramatic effect.

“Ultimately this is the forum where I strive for the point where the physical, the mental, and the emotional converge to project the spirit through the beauty of our human anatomy.” Of course, I find extreme physical activity enthralling, just as I find those subtle yet profound expressions that reflect our various moods and temperaments fascinating, whereby even our state of rest sets a stage for the wonder of dream and day dream activity.

Literal Paintings

Literal Drawings

Literal Sculpture