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The process involved within this body of work is meant to push the envelope of what I call the improvisational element within the creative process. This is where such spontaneity is meant to draw out my intuitive responses to such a degree that I respond creatively to such responses before my mind gets the chance to concoct and so respond to any of its preconceived ideas. Because our intuitions tend to arrive in our consciousness before our ability to cognitively think, By cultivating my ability to respond to the immediacy of our intuitions, frees of the egoic inclination to make creative decisions of its behalf. Instead the visual connections that allow me to visually synthesize creatively void of such preconceived ideas, provides me with the ability to respond creatively to source of my intuitions and draw upon them to dictate the nature of my expression. Hence I find what arises from my ego nature quite different from what arises creatively from my ego nature.  

This is the highly intuitively approach to creativity that I have spent most of my life cultivating in different ways, that which has surfaced in one or another throughout all of the work you see in these galleries. For what I am sharing here in these galleries, is my interest in creatively responding to and celebrating the nature of the source of my intuitions, not the mind (my creative problem solving mind) when it is merely captivated by its own ability serve its own subjective needs and desires. This is the approach to creativity that allows the side of ones consciousness that realizes that I am interconnected the endless vastness of all existence (in this case my consciousness) some room to express itself.