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All images and commentary on this site are the exclusive intellectual property of Robert L. Landry and LANDRY FINE ART STUDIOS

All intellectual property is protected by copyright

Any use of said intellectual property must obtain the expressed permission of ROBERT L. LANDRY

Most of the works here remain for sale, inquiries for purchase or commissions may be addressed through my GUEST BOOK. Note: that there are many variables for pricing. For example, Framed or unframed, pedestal or no pedestal, various finishes and presentations, etc.

Note: I put great effort and expense into the presentation of my work. Often they become an extension of the work itself and may not be fully represented in the Photography shown.

Note: that all shipping and crating fees fall upon the purchaser.

All sales are final, but upgrade trade-ins are welcome.


Because my work is dedicated to the pursuit of deeply human awareness, not corporate values and objectives, I must rely on public support.

All contributions can be sent in care of Landry Fine Art Studios

All bronze sculptures are limited edition and cast in silicon bronze at various fine art foundries using the age old lost wax process. Each meets the highest collectors standards.

The polished bronzes exhibited here are exceedingly costly, for they undergo an extremely arduous and time-consuming process that involves hand-filing through three grits of files, hand sanding through thirteen grits of sandpaper and polished through three grits of polishing compound. Because such mirrored finishes require a refinement whereby all forms gracefully transition from one form to another without ripples or waves, this refinement can only be achieved through dedicating unfathomable hours that take a physical toll on my hand and arm. For example, over 3,000 hours alone were spent hand sanding, filing and polishing my six ft sculpture “THE JOY OF SELFLESSNESS”, unfortunately the labor alone at minimum wage for this sculpture would surpass the $90,000.00 dollar mark. Some of these works are refined even further by including a difficult hand sanded, hand polished clear coat process. Note, only slight flaws characteristic to the metal and to the lost wax process of limited edition casting are tolerated. In many ways these works of art can be compared to the refinement of large-scale jewelry. These arduous works of art are likely to appease even the most refined eye, mind and intuition. I consider them by far amongst my highest standards of sculptural refinement.

Most of the original works of art, present on this site are available as prints. All prints are signed limited edition of 500 or less and meet industry standards concerning archival paper and ink quality. Prices vary due to size and printing method.

Any comments, inquiries and suggestions can be addressed through the GUEST BOOK

Most of the photography and prints are the result of collaborations between LANDRY FINE ART STUDIOS and BARKING DOG STUDIOS.

This web-site is the result of collaborations between LANDRY FINE ART STUDIOS and 4FX MEDIA STUDIOS

Aside from performing as a Fine Artist, I am also seriously working on  in depth book project that addresses the validity of art in our time relative to the dawning of a revitalized human consciousness. Progress on this project will be posted here from time to time. For more on this book project, keep an eye out for postings on my blog page!

If you have come this far, I would like to thank for taking the time to read the contents of this site.


Robert L. Landry